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Luna Feoh

This little, elegant bowl with hand painted on a red Goddess and the phases of the moon, is designed to "hold the light of our womb", during the Womb Blessing which is represented by a tea light.


The bowl it's made of while clay and it's 10cm of diameter.


This is the Moon Mother Bowl for the Womb Blessing World Meditation, on it it's hand painted the Womb Blessing Tree, which was originally created and painted from Miranda Gray.


The bowl is large 22 cm of diameter and hand made with white clay.

The Moon Mother statue, inspired from the Womb Blessing meditation.

It represent the flow inside us and the connection with Mother Earth, our Hearth and the Moon.


It is 30 cm tall and hand made with white clay.


It can be also painted with a mather-pearl colour and a red heart, or with out it.

This sphere, it's one of the line "Be Bright" of tea light holders and lamps.

It as carved on the Goddess and the triple Goddess.


Comes in two sizes:

12 cm or 16 cm of diameter.


Handmade with white clay..

From the line "Be Bright" we have lamps that are designed to brighten your living space.

They are made with white clay and have four carved Goddesses, each one with one moon phase. They come whit a lot of bubbles like hols or with out.


The 30 cm tall and 16 cm diameter

The 45 cm tall and 14 cm diameter

It's on of the tea light holder of the line "Be Bright"

As a Goddess carved on with the triple Goddess.


Can have some additional hols, in different sizes for how like more light,

it's 25 cm tall and hand made with white clay.

Purity & Grace is the cup designed to hold the blessed water during the Womb Blessing.


As a shape of a small belly with a spiral on. It's 9 cm tall and hand made with white clay.


Si deseas información de alguno de los bellos productos de Luna, consultanos.


If you want information about some of the beautiful products of Luna, consult us.

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